Is VPS hosting better than shared hosting

28 August 2020

Usually, VPS hosting means much more than shared hosting. While on shared hosting you have limited access, a VPS usually is a scaled-down dedicated server which means you have the same full access and abilities like a dedicated OS.

If you use a container VPS, it means that you have a fully virtualized machine, but uses a shared kernel with other VPSs. While this usually translates to a lower overhead and faster performance, it can also mean higher security and stability risks. I usually only recommend this when you do not use critical applications that require 100% uptime, or if you have a dedicated server on which you want to create multiple containers.

KVM is a fully dedicated virtual machine, meaning you can pretty much do everything that you can do on a dedicated server, and the performance is similar to a dedicated server. I recommend this type of VPS to everyone who wants to experience how it is to own a dedicated server environment without having to pay the price of it. A KVM VPS usually goes a long way and the only reason I would recommend a VPS over a dedicated server would be in the case of an architecture that requires a lot of resources (like a few TB of storage, 32+ Gb of RAM and such things).

If you only want to hosts your websites and manage them, I would recommend a KVM VPS with CentOS installed + cPanel Web Control Panel. This setup is around $19 on a website like Vps.AG, giving you total access and full control over an unlimited number of websites. Let’s say you can host up to 20+ websites without any performance loss. That would translate to at least $100 per month at a shared hosting provider, and you would not even have total access to your system to optimize and secure your web infrastructure.

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