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VPS or virtual private server is one large physical server, that is divided into smaller servers that function independently in their own virtual server environment.

Benefits of a VPS hosting are:

  • Better control over servers - As a business owner, you get total server space and control to take decisions of your hosting without really depending on anyone
  • No sharing but available resources - Your hosting will not share resources with anyone, so no chance that there will be any problems with respect to speed or efficiency
  • Privacy leads to security- Since your hosting service is private in nature. ie there are no issues with respect to any viruses/malware/ cyber threats from shared hosting (since it is not present) hosting is safe

Cloud is a stack of many servers that run on virtual technology. They have huge storage space, compute speeds and load balancing capabilities .

Advantages of Cloud hosting can be given as follows:

  • Scalable – adds more server power in a jiffy
  • Custom infrastructure - You can include firewalls, architecture and custom firewalls, load balancing and IP deployment
  • Access and availability - In case a physical server fails, cloud servers are migrated to another physical server without experiencing an outage
  • High computing resources - No lagging RAM or CPU power, even if another cloud customer's load grows

Dedicated servers are nothing but resources devoted to the hosting websites that need large amount of storage space.

Advantages of dedicated servers could be given as follows:

  • Fantastic server uptime and security: A great server uptime is indicative of the health of the website. With dedicated hosting, your website can have a healthy uptime. Moreover, dedicated resources make it imperative for the hosting provider to make hosting more secure.
  • Well managed and optimized web traffic- Since space allotted to the website is large, the website is capable of holding a large amount of traffic on the website. Moreover, your website can also rank better when it comes to search engine optimization since dedicated hosting boosts site speed.
  • Easy customization of resources- Adding or subtracting RAM, disk space is easy with just a click. This reduces time-to-scale for many business.
  • Unique IP addresses - With different Ip addresses a business can have two different websites. This is because business prefer maintaining two separate identities. One corporate and one customer facing. In such cases, having a unique IP address comes handy.

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